Vision / code of values

Our vision:

There is no way around Deutsche Recycling.

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Code of values
Our code of values is aimed at management, employees, customers, the environment and partners.

1. Loyalty and trust
We are loyal to each other and to Deutsche Recycling. We know what connects us with each other and with Deutsche Recycling.

2. Feeling of affiliation and enthusiasm
We put our heart and soul into our work, we stand for each other. We feel and act as a team. We identify with what we do and take care of each other.

3. Honest communication
We speak openly, equally and at an early stage with each other. We say what moves us.

4. Respect, empathy and fairness in dealing with each other
We know about our diversity and unique characteristics and take this into account when dealing with each other.

5. Internationality and multiculturalism
Our diversity is our strength.

6. Responsibility
We all take responsibility and actively help shape the future of Deutsche Recycling. We focus on our vision and do our best every day.

7. Reliability and commitment
We are reliable. We keep our promises – internally and externally.

8. Farsightedness
We already know what the future holds – on the way we take everyone with us and support employees, customers and partners.

9. Respect for the environment
We live sustainability internally and externally – with each new customer we come a little closer to the environmental- and climate goals.

10. Service excellence
Our aim is to be better, faster, more flexible and more agile than others – this is how we stand out.