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Beulke Oliver
Beulke, Oliver

Project lead licensing international

Kracht, Liane

EPR Compliance International

Tel.: +49 221 800 332 164
(German, English, Italian, French)


Luong, Anh-Thu

Digital Marketing Manager

Melanie Munk
Munk, Melanie

Specialist Operations Umweltcompliance

Neumann, Ingo

Project lead licensing national

Nils Röpke - Geschäftsführer Deutsche Recycling
Röpke, Nils

Managing Director

Tel.: +49 221 800 33 210
Managing Director

Schneider, Christine

Digital Marketing Manager

Valambras, Fabienne

Head of Operations

Werner, Jascha

Head of Operations

Tel.: +49 221 800 332 288
(German, English, Dutch, Flemish)


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