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We assist you with your international obligations

Deutsche Recycling simplifies, coordinates and takes care of the worldwide tasks and requirements concerning WEEE and electrical appliances, packaging and batteries for its customers in order to comply with their national and international legal obligations. In doing so, we concentrate on fulfilling all obligations set down under the principles of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

We make recycling and compliance very easy for you!

Our services for manufacturers, distributors and importers include registration, quantity reporting, coordination of take-back and recycling, reporting, authorisation if necessary, and communication with the responsible authorities, etc.

It goes without saying that we operate nationally and internationally – including in the respective national language. Just tell us which countries are relevant for you and we’ll take care of the rest. Use Deutsche Recycling as your outsourced environmental department!


100% International - Produktverantwortung & Compliance, Elektrogesetz, Verpackungsgesetz, Batteriegesetz

Take-back & recycling in e-commerce
The guide for online traders

Online trade is booming! What is particularly important right now is that anyone who trades in products is subject to binding disposal and recycling obligations, the non-fulfilment of which can lead to considerable sanctions and warnings.

The problem is that many traders are not aware of their obligations. But only those who act in a legally secure manner are safe from unplanned costs and fines.

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Your obligations – our task

Your advantages:

How Deutsche Recycling helps you

With Deutsche Recycling as your partner, you can place all or just some of your tasks and obligations in experienced hands. We reduce your workload when complying with legal obligations, assume 100% liability and offer you the necessary legal conformity. This way, you are always legally secure and cost-effective and you have more time for your actual business.

Do you need registration or licensing in accordance with the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act or German Packaging Act? Would you like a professional and cost-effective evaluation of disposal and return systems? Or do you simply want to hand over your entire environmental compliance requirements?

We are guaranteed to find the most efficient local solution for you, too – nationally and internationally. Just get in touch with us!

Our services:

Consulting, analysis, operational administration

  • International compliance & legal monitoring
  • Individual consulting in accordance with all legal environmental obligations
  • National and international analyses of obligations
  • Evaluation of disposal and return systems
  • Potential analysis for cost optimisation
  • Registration, authorisation if necessary, quantity reports, annual statistics, audits
  • Guarantee provision via collective guarantee system
  • etc.

All of the services can also be commissioned individually.

Our services

Important changes to the German Packaging Act

The new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) has been in force since 1st January 2019, thus rendering the previous Packaging Ordinance invalid. The aim of the law is to reduce the negative impacts of packaging waste on the environment and to significantly increase recycling rates. As a retailer and manufacturer, you thus face new challenges.

Find out now to whom the new German Packaging Act applies, when licensing obligations become necessary and which new, specific obligations exist for retailers and manufacturers.


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