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Numerous laws, high administrative effort, and ongoing costs – as a manufacturer, distributor, and importer of electrical appliances, packaging, and batteries, you are faced with a variety of challenges and risks. However, only a few manufacturers know how to meet all these requirements lawfully and efficiently – a task that can often be opaque and time-consuming without expert support. Deutsche Recycling Service GmbH is your trusted partner in navigating these challenges!

Your advantages with us at your service

  • Comprehensive service package for licensing
  • Independence from corporations, systems, waste management companies, and industries
  • 100% compliant with legal regulations
  • International focus and tailored comprehensive solutions
100% International - Produktverantwortung & Compliance, Elektrogesetz, Verpackungsgesetz, Batteriegesetz

The three core areas of extended producer responsibility

Electrical Appliances

Manufacturers and importers are legally obliged under extended producer responsibility to ensure environmentally friendly disposal of their sold electrical and electronic devices. This includes both the collection, processing, and recycling of old devices.


The Battery Act (BattG) obligates manufacturers and distributors of batteries and accumulators to ensure proper disposal and reprocessing. They are required to take back batteries and promote low-pollution recycling.


The Packaging Act (VerpackG) regulates the responsibility of manufacturers and retailers for the disposal and recycling of the packaging they put into circulation. Recycling rates for packaging materials are intended to be increased through the obligation to participate in a dual return system.

Your obligations - our task

Deutsche Recycling Service GmbH is your partner, offering a wide range of expertise. As an operational service provider with a full-service offering, we simplify, coordinate, and handle global environmental compliance tasks and requirements on your behalf. Rest assured, compliance with all your national and international legal obligations is guaranteed through our services:

WEEE Full Service

We take on the responsibility for you, allowing you to focus more on your core business. As part of our WEEE full-service offering, we assist you with the distribution and disposal of your electrical and electronic devices.

Packaging Act Consulting

No matter if it’s licensing, take-back, recycling, or disposal – our Packaging Law Consulting ensures that packaging is circulated in a differentiated, cost-effective, and legally compliant manner.

Electrical Appliance Recycling

With the amended Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of 2015 coming into effect, as a distributor or online retailer, you are required to accept old appliances. But what should you do with the electronic waste that arrives at your premises?

Battery Recycling Service

Once your products contain batteries or accumulators, all 28 national battery laws within the EU become relevant solely to you. We consistently monitor all obligations on your behalf.

EPR Compliance

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental directive that holds the manufacturer of a product responsible and liable for its entire lifecycle. Who does it apply to, and how can it be adequately fulfilled?

EPR registration number

If you’re a manufacturer of a product falling under EPR requirements, you must apply for and publish an EPR registration number for each online shop. With us, you’ll receive your EPR registration number quickly and securely.

Take-back & recycling in e-commerce
The guide for online traders

Online trade is booming! What is particularly important right now is that anyone who trades in products is subject to binding disposal and recycling obligations, the non-fulfilment of which can lead to considerable sanctions and warnings.

The problem is that many traders are not aware of their obligations. But only those who act in a legally secure manner are safe from unplanned costs and fines.



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